Modelling of Dynamic Self-Organization and Repression of Population of Dakos in Real Ecosystem of Municipality of Saint George, Corfu

Project Summary:

Dakos (Olive Fly) is the most severe enemy of olive production, causing each year important economic damage, in the form of devalorisation of olive products, and the cost of preventing and fighting the infestation. Quantitative reduction of olive production caused by dakos can reach up until 30%, while the qualitative devalorisation is incalculable.
Aim of present work is modelling the development of dakos population, using new theoretical and calculating methods that have only recently appeared in the international bibliography, and more specifically using new dynamic models of self-organization and calculating systems which are capable of handling systems with a lot of degrees of freedom.
During the project’s life is expected collaboration between teams from different scientific fields (Entomology, Agronomics, Modelling of Complex Natural Systems, Statistical Treatment, Interactive Computer Systems) in agreement with the modern practice in the international scientific community, where the need for the study of complex dynamic systems is faced interdisciplinary, that is to say with the collaboration of different scientific fields.

Project Partners:

  • Municipality of Saint George, Corfu
  • Department of Informatics, Ionian University
  • Olive Research Center of Corfu