New accepted conference paper!

“Elements of game theory in a bio-inspired model of computation,” another research endeavour of the Project was accepted for publication in the 10th International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications, which will be held at Patra, 15-17 July 2019! More information on this effort will be posted after the presentation of the work! Below, you can read a summary of our work.


Unconventional computing is a relatively recent research field in which new computation paradigms are studied, with emphasis on bio-inspired architectures and algorithms. The physical limitations of traditional systems make the exploration for new, alternative solutions a quest of great importance. In this direction, traditional and well-studied concepts are reexamined within the new computing frame. Classical game theory is an established scientific field with numerous applications in several fields, such as economics, politics, law, biology, and computer science. In this paper, the connection between game theory and a bio-inspired model of computation based on P systems is studied. To this end, a novel bio-inspired game on a membrane system is introduced, in which the rules are inspired by fundamental mitochondrial processes. Furthermore, a general framework for connecting game-theoretic notions with a bio-inspired model of computation based on P systems is proposed. Finally, possibilities and further extensions that could shed light on the deeper connection among these fields are highlighted.