New journal publication!

The latest research outcome of the team, entitled “A QUBO Model for the Traveling Salesman Problem with Time Windows”, was just published! Similarly to the previous journal publication, it can be freely accessed (here).

The paper abstract is:

This work focuses on expressing the TSP with Time Windows (TSPTW for short) as a quadratic unconstrained binary optimization (QUBO) problem. The time windows impose time constraints that a feasible solution must satisfy. These take the form of inequality constraints, which are known to be particularly difficult to articulate within the QUBO framework. This is, we believe, the first time this major obstacle is overcome and the TSPTW is cast in the QUBO formulation. We have every reason to anticipate that this development will lead to the actual execution of small scale TSPTW instances on the D-Wave platform.

How to cite the paper:

Papalitsas, C., Andronikos, T., Giannakis, K., Theocharopoulou, G., & Fanarioti, S. (2019). A QUBO Model for the Traveling Salesman Problem with Time Windows. Algorithms, 12(11), 224.