The department is located in the building “Aretaios” in the center of the city (7 Tsirigoti Square, Corfu), which is directly accessible using public transportation. The airport and the port are within a 15 minute distance.

κτήριο Αρεταίος Ιόνιο Πανεπιστήμιο

Laboratories Infrastructure

The purpose of the computer laboratories is to support the teaching work of the Department of Informatics, to facilitate the students to work on their courses, as well as access to the Internet for educational and recreational purposes.

From all the rooms in the building and of course in the workshops, access to the local Ethernet 1 Gbps network as well as to the Internet (Internet) is available. The building is wirelessly connected to the central hub of the Ionian University.

Students’ access to the workshops is free, except for the hours they are taught. Users can freely browse the internet, receive and send e-mail, and store their files on the hard drive or on a portable storage device (floppy, cd-rom, usb stick). The workshops are also equipped with network printers in which students can print work and material on the subject of Computer Science.


The library of the Department of Informatics is part of the Central Library the Ionian University. It is fully automated and connected to the university network. Its purpose is to satisfy the academic and research needs of students, teachers and administrative staff as well as the wider university community of the Ionian University. The library is open daily.

For more information visit http://iup.ionio.gr/ the website of the central library of the Ionian University.

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