Module Code Semester Type Hours Laboratories / Seminars ECTS Instructors
 Simulation and Modelling ΗΥ680  7  Compulsory I.S. 4 2L
Vlamos P., Avlonitis M.
Dynamical systems. Theoretical models and modeling strategies. Evolution in time and space. Scale effects and multi-scale modeling. Explicit models for computer science and natural hazards. Queueing Theory. Fundamental Concepts of Queueing. TheoryThe M/M/1 Queue. The powerfulness of Simulation. Simulation strategies. Effective simulation codes for explicit theoretical models.  Simulation of deterministic and stochastic dynamic systems. Analysis of simulation results and evaluation.
  1. “Προσομοίωση διακριτών συστημάτων”, Khoshnevis Behrokh, Εκδόσεις Δίαυλος, ISBN 978-960-531-031-8, 1999
  2. “Προσομοίωση δικτύων υπολογιστών”, Πομπόρτσης Ανδρέας Σ., Τσουλφάς Ανέστης Γ., Εκδόσεις ΤΖΙΟΛΑ, ISBN 978-960-8050-37-2, 2001
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