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Panayiotis Vlamos
Assistant Professor
Department of Informatics, Ionian university

Adamantia Pateli
Department of Informatics, Ionian university

Sofia Filipidou
PhD Graduate at Department of Management Science & Technology         
Athens University of Economics and Business

Purpose of this working group is developing proposals for implementation of Information Technology and Communications (ICT), particularly broadband networks, providing consultancy distance services to employees and businesses. The results obtained will form the design development of consultancy distance services using the benefits of broadband services and the adaptation of traditional methods of counseling.
The following are included to the individual targets of the group:
Investigation of the operational framework (goals, services, institutions, tools, results) of counseling for workers with benefits / positive impact on businesses.

Research on how to use the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to provide advisory services.

Proposals for innovative broadband services counseling.
Attraction of business interest to develop new broadband services in the area of counseling of Greek businesses in training and general human resource development.

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