Another accepted conference paper!

Another work was accepted to be presented in the 10th International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications, which will be held at Patra, 15-17 July 2019! This one is entitled “A quantum-inspired optimization heuristic for the multiple sequence alignment problem in bio-computing”. Below, you can read a summary of our work.


Data related to biology are characterized by large volume and requirements for enormous computational power. Biological sequences, either of proteins or DNA/RNA segments, can be large and usually need massive computations in order to relate them among themselves and further study particular properties. Aligning sequences is of great importance for various practical reasons, as well as for theoretical researchers that study the complexity and computability of the related algorithms. Multiple sequence alignment studies the problem of aligning several strings resulting in a complete alignment, a problem for which several different approaches exist. In this work, a novel heuristic method to progressively solve this problem is proposed using elements of quantum-inspired optimization. The proposed algorithm is described in detail and evaluated through simulations against other aligning methods. The experimental results seem promising for providing a good initial alignment, especially for the case of large sets of sequences.