Duration – Requirements

Duration of studies

The duration of studies for the award of the Master Program is defined in two (2) academic semesters. Each academic semester is divided into two (2) periods (quarters), each of which includes 9 weeks.

During the first three quarters, courses are taught and students are evaluated. During the fourth quarter, the capstone project is drawn up, written and evaluated. The total duration of studies cannot be longer than four (4) academic semesters if extended or suspended following requests for extension or suspension, respectively, which are described later in this regulation. There is no possibility of part-time studies in this specific Master.

Duration of studies

At the beginning of each semester, drafts of the academic calendar, timetables and exams (written and oral) are delivered to the relevant Service of the Ionian University, for processing and publication.

At the beginning of each quarter, students are notified:

  • The deadline for registration in the elective courses of the Master’s Program.
  • The quarterly academic calendar of the Master Program, which includes the start and end dates of the teaching period, the examination periods of the courses and the examination/presentation of the individual project (capstone project), holidays, etc. t.l.
  • The timetable of the teaching period of the quarter which includes the days and times of teaching the courses, the dates of other events or obligations, etc.