Delete students

It is possible to delete a student from the Master’s Program by decision of the Director of the Master’s Program following the proposal of S.E. Reasons for expelling a student include the following:

  • Copying in exams or writing assignments or solving exercises, inappropriate behavior and other offenses that do not
    are consistent with the status of a student.
  • Using ideas, methods and results of other scientists without citing them in the individual work report or in other works.
  • Plagiarism from works of other scientists.
  • Exceeding the limit of absences in at least two (2) courses. This limit amounts to 30% of the total number of scheduled hours
    of teaching per subject.
  • Failure to pass at least two (2) courses during the repeat examination period.
  • Unsuccessful review of the individual project (capstone project) he prepared.
  • Non-compliance with any of the obligations referred to in Article 14 hereof, without serious justification.
  • Refusal of the student to pay the prescribed tuition fees for the semester or failure to pay the tuition fees within the deadlines defined in these Regulations.
  • Authorization at the request of the students