Academic Staff – Educators

Panagiotis Vlamos

Cognitive subjectMathematics with an emphasis on Application Models
Research interests< /td>Mathematical Models of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
Nonlinear Modeling of Biological Mechanisms and Chemical Engineering Problems
Problems of Image Restoration Techniques
Discrete Mathematics
Education Models Using New Technologies

Konstantinos Oikonomou

SubjectComputer Networks
Research Interests Network Performance Analysis
Media Access
Cloud Network Environments
Wireless Sensor Networks

Emmanuel Magos

Cognitive subject Cryptography and Security of Computer Systems
Research InterestsCryptographic Techniques in Computer and Network Security
Internet Security and Privacy
Security and Privacy in Distributed Applications  
Websitehttp: //

Dimitrios Tsoumakos

GradeAssociate Professor
SubjectData Management on the World Wide Web
Research Interests Distributed Data Management
Cloud Computing and Data Management
Online Databases and Data Warehouses

Panagiotis Kourouthanasis

SubjectInformation Systems and Electronic Governance
Research Interests E-Business
Information Systems
Website< /a>

Adamantia Pateli

SubjectInformation Systems and Innovation Management
Research InterestsInformation Systems Management
Business Models
Digital Entrepreneurship
Open Innovation

Phoebos Mylonas

GradeAssociate Professor
Cognitive object Representation and Management of Conceptual Framework and Knowledge
Research interestsRepresentation of information and knowledge
Representation and management of the conceptual framework (context)
Semantic exploitation of the conceptual framework
Knowledge management
Data, Information and Knowledge Management and Mining
Semantic Information Representation
Knowledge-Based/Expert Systems
Semantic and Social Web
Knowledge Technologies
Intelligent Multimedia Information Management and Retrieval Systems
Assisted by multimedia content analysis knowledge
Intelligent multimedia content personalization techniques
Content customization and user modeling
Semantic profile extraction  

Theodore Andronikos

GradeAssociate Professor
Subject Online Programming, Parallel Programming and Computing Models
Research InterestsOnline Programming
Parallel Programming
Quantum & unconventional computing
Dynamic algorithms for parallel & distributed heterogeneous systems
Querying and inference languages for the semantic web
Temporal logics for automatic system verification and synthesis
Probabilistic automata and infinite object automata

Markos Avlonitis

GradeAssociate Professor
Cognitive subjectStochastic Differential Equation Models in IT and Materials Applications
Research interestsApplied stochastic processes (computer science, engineering, environment)
Self-organizing systems
Multiscale modeling
Simulation of complex dynamical systems &nbsp ;

Konstantinos Chorianopoulos

GradeAssociate Professor
SubjectSoftware Technologies
Research InterestsHuman-Computer Communication
Software Technology
Pervasive Computer Interaction  

Katia – Leda Kermanidou

GradeAssociate Professor
Cognitive subjectArtificial Intelligence with an emphasis on Language Technology
Research InterestsMachine Learning
Natural Language Processing
User Modeling
Informatics Applications in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Website http://

Angeliki Tsochou

GradeAssociate Professor
Cognitive subjectPrivacy and Security of Information Systems
Research InterestsSecurity Policies, Risk Perceptions and User Awareness
Risk Analysis and Information Security Management
Security Policies for Proper Internet Use
Privacy and Tools Enhancing Privacy
Privacy in Mobile Network Applications
Security and Privacy Standards
E-Services, E-Government and Information Systems
strong> 2/faculty-staff/aggeliki-tsohou/

Themistocles Exarchus

GradeAssociate Professor
SubjectData Modeling and Decision Support Systems
Research interestsModeling and data mining
Development of decision support systems with intelligent techniques
Management of large volumes of data
Biomedical informatics
Website http ://