Student exams

The examination of each course can be done in writing and/or by preparing assignments or in another way determined by the teacher. All course obligations, such as the completion and delivery of exercises and assignments, must be fully completed by the end of the examination period. Final exam in the course can be given only twice, immediately after its end, at the end of the term and in the following September. In special cases, the Assembly of the Department may decide otherwise, as specified in the next paragraph. The success grades of students in postgraduate courses are normally announced no later than three weeks after the end of the respective examination period.

In exceptional cases, the Assembly, after a proposal from the committee, can modify or postpone the time of the exams.

Each postgraduate student will have the opportunity to be examined a maximum of two times in each course during their studies. Relative need for suspension or extension of study time is determined by articles 14 and 15 of this regulation. If rejected a second time, the postgraduate student is removed from the P.M.S.