Evaluation of applications / Selection of candidates

The selection of those admitted to the Master Program is done in accordance with the provisions of Law 4485/2017 and the regulations of the present Graduate Studies Regulations.

  1. The evaluation of the candidates of the Master Program is done by the Candidate Evaluation Committee (CEC)
  2. The candidate evaluation criteria are as follows:
    1. Relevance of study titles to the subject of the Master Program
    2. Gradings of study titles and courses related to the subject of the Master Program
    3. Certification of good knowledge of the English language
    4. Field and duration of work and research experience
    5. Letters of recommendation
    6. Interview
    7. Additional criteria which may be set by the Health and Safety Authority. It is noted that the additional criteria and coefficients of the selection criteria are determined before the start date of the submission of nominations. Unless additional criteria are specified, selection is made on the basis of criteria (i) – (vi). Candidates who, despite being called, did not attend the scheduled interview are excluded from further evaluation.
  3. Candidates who have not received their undergraduate degree by the application deadline are judged by the HSE based on their most recent analytical score.
  4. If a certificate of good knowledge of the English language is not presented, it can be certified in another way decided by EAY.