Suspension of studies

In exceptional cases, it is possible to grant suspension of studies to a student after the passage of at least one (1) semester of studies and after his application, proposal and decision of the Director of the Master’s Program. In his application, the student must state the reasons, the period of time of the requested suspension of studies and attach the relevant supporting documents.

The suspension of study is granted for exactly one (1) academic year (two academic semesters) starting from the start date of the academic semester for which the application is submitted.

At the end of the suspension period, the student attends the courses of the semester in which he would have studied if he had not been granted suspension. The studies are extended for the academic semesters the suspension lasted.

If during the period of suspension of studies of each student the program or the duration of studies of the Master’s Program is modified, then:

  • The student will follow a study program with the same number of credits he had when he enrolled at P.M.S.
  • The student will attend courses according to the correspondences between new and old courses made by S.E.