Apply / Graduate categories

Before the end of each academic year, the Assembly of the Department, by its decision, announces related to the Master Program expression of interest for the following academic year. The announcement is published on the website of the Department and in the daily press.

The announcement mentions:

  • the maximum number of students who will be accepted at Master Program who will not exceed forty (40)
  • the conditions for the participation of postgraduate student candidates in the
    selection process
  • the supporting documents to be submitted
  • the deadlines for submitting supporting documents and the exact address to which they must be submitted
  • any other detail that the Department Assembly deems necessary and which will facilitate the selection process of graduate student candidates

Necessary conditions for participation in the Master Program. are the following:

  • At the Master Program, holders of a first cycle undergraduate degree are accepted. of the home country or affiliated institutions abroad in accordance with the provisions of article 34 of Law 4485/2017.
  • Foreign candidates should have knowledge of the Greek

The supporting documents that candidates must submit are as follows:

  • Application for candidacy.
  • Detailed CV.
  • Copies of degrees or other evidence (e.g. certificate of completion) showing that they have graduated.
  • Detailed score (one for each degree).
  • Recognition by DOATAP for those who hold degrees from foreign universities.
  • Proof of good knowledge of the English language.
  • Evidence of sufficient knowledge of the Greek language (in the case
    of foreign candidates).
  • Certificates and other evidence of professional and research
    activity (if any).
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation (academic or professional).
  • Photocopies of any scientific papers and publications (in three [3] copies).
  • Photocopy of both sides of the police ID.
  • One (1) photo.