Student obligations

Students are obliged to:

  • To attend and participate in all the activities of each course, as defined in the relevant syllabus and to sign the relevant attendance report.
  • To be provided in time with the necessary books, scientific material via the internet and photocopies of scientific articles that cover the curriculum.
  • Respond consistently to all the prescribed performance evaluation tests that have been planned in the framework of each course (appearing for exams, submitting assignments within the prescribed dates, etc.).
  • Participate in the P.M.S. evaluation process
  • To undertake an individual project (capstone project) to be completed within the time frame determined by this regulatory framework.

Failure to observe one or more of the above obligations of the students may result in the penalty of interrupting their studies upon recommendation of the S.E.  and decision of the Department Assembly.

Attending the courses of the Master Program and the active participation of students in the educational and research activities of the P.M.S. is compulsory. Student who attended a course with less than 70% of his teaching hours, he is considered to have failed this course and is required to attend it in the following semester. For this purpose a register of attendance is kept, which is signed by those present and the which at the end the teacher delivers to the Secretariat of the P.M.S., which also maintains a relevant file.