Educators’ Obligations

The obligations of teachers at Master Program are summarized in the following:

  • Observance of the timetable for teaching the courses and conducting the workshops, taking care to inform the students in time in case of an obstacle.
  • Determining the contents of the courses or the cognitive fields taught in the context of the courses according to current scientific developments.
  • Submission before the beginning of each quarter to the Director of the Master’s Program descriptions of the courses they teach in the predetermined structure as well as relevant bibliography.
  • Cooperation with the Director of the Master Program and the other lecturers for the coordination of the material to avoid overlaps between courses, as well as the coordination of the students’ workload.
  • Preparation and delivery to the students of the educational material they use during the teaching of the course. The educational material is intended for the exclusive use of the students of the course. Use of the educational material for any other purpose is not permitted without the written consent of the instructor.
  • Control of the attendance of students in all kinds of educational activities of the course and its certification by keeping an attendance record and delivering it to the Secretariat of the Master Program.
  • Care for the transparent and objective assessment of student performance in the courses they teach, as well as delivery of the score within the prescribed deadlines.
  • Undertake supervision of individual projects (capstone project), if possible, according to the students’ choices.
  • Update of the course website on the Department website.
  • Keeping adequate office hours and/or accepting communication by e-mail so as to facilitate students’ communication with them on matters related to their studies and the courses they teach.
2. The coordinator of each course determines in collaboration with the other teachers of the course:

  • The teaching time sequence of the taught cognitive fields of the course,
  • The way to evaluate the students’ performance in each teachable independent cognitive field of the course and
  • The weight of each taught independent cognitive field in the final grade of the course.

It is the responsibility of the coordinator or the teacher of each course (if a coordinator has not been appointed) to deliver to the PMS Secretariat the score status of the course exam.